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Lloyd Churches
Username: eonman
Posted: Sat 6 Feb, 2010 1:21 AM
3206 days ago
Location: Australia


How to show an EON application in Powerpoint.

1. Open MS Powerpoint 2007

2. Click on the Developer tab

3. In the subsection called Controls, click the button that looks like a hammer and wrench and called 'More Controls' when you mouse over them.

4. In the list that appears in a dialog box, choose EON 4.0.1 and then click OK.

5. Click and drag to draw a rectangle on the current slide. This becomes the outline of the eon window.

6. With this rectangle selected (I only see a dot in the corners and middle of sides) then in the subsection called 'Controls' click on the Properties button. You should then see a property bar.

7. In this Properties bar, Set AutoPlay to 1.

8. Set the SimulationFile property to the name of the .eoz or .edz file.

9. Save the presentation file to a folder where you have the .eoz or .edz

10. Click on the slide show button in the lower right corner. (Or click on the Slide Show tab and then click the 'From Beginning' button.)