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Chris Lau
Username: lsqnet
Posted: Mon 15 Mar, 2010 8:17 AM
3169 days ago
Location: Singapore

Hi i need a Script that can send value to control the Particles. I found this sample call ScriptControlledParticlesSample.eoz, I ctrl E and found nothing in the Jscript but includes "Math.js" "Utilities.js" "ArrayUtilities.js" "ParticleManipulatorTest.js". Javascript that is no where to be found in the sample

RE: ScriptControlledParticlesSampletop^
Lloyd Churches
Username: eonman
Posted: Mon 15 Mar, 2010 9:27 AM
3169 days ago
Location: Australia

The files that listed in the includes field are included in the .eoz file. The way to read them is to open the .eoz in WinZip. You could try renaming the .eoz to .zip and then opening also.

 Hope that helps.