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gengdai liu
Username: vaz
Posted: Thu 29 Jul, 2010 4:53 PM
2976 days ago
Location: China

Hi, I wonder if EON support skeletal animation and skinning for virtual characters. Is only RPC-based human supported currently?  

RE: Does EON support skeletal animations?top^
Ray Osborne
Username: rayo3d
Posted: Thu 29 Jul, 2010 6:25 PM
2976 days ago
Location: United States

As of right now, EON does not support any form of vertex move (this includes using bones/skinning and any manipulation at the sub-object level in 3D Max) as a direct export through Raptor. There is the option to use the MeshBuilder node but it will require exporting your animations in the DirectX format and some knowledge of working with that format (which unfortunately I don't have). Also, MeshBuilder seems to have a problem with reading UV information in EON 6.1.1 but works fine in 7.0.

 I believe vertex manipulation is being worked on for an future release but I have not heard of any timeframe for it to be available (hopefully soon).