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RE: EON Raptor for 3ds Max Design 2010/2011top^
peng ho lim
Username: peacelim
Posted: Thu 9 Sep, 2010 4:30 AM
2991 days ago
Location: Singapore


The current EON Raptor plugin does't work for 3ds Max Design 2010/2011, is there another plugin for them?

Btw under my View License-->option-->Download license file, i downloaded a license.txt file with text as below

"Dear Client,

Please download Raptor for 3ds max 2010 here

Kind regards
EON Reality Support Team

how can i activate my trial license with this file?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Peng Ho


RE: EON Raptor for 3ds Max Design 2010/2011top^
Danielle Oprean
Username: Oprean
Posted: Tue 27 Sep, 2011 5:59 PM
2607 days ago
Location: United States

I have also tried to use EON Raptor 7.5 with 3ds Max Design 2010 with no success. I continually get a DLL error when I start 3ds Max now. I also had the same problem with Raptor 7 so I don't believe it has to do with the version of Raptor. Any resolution on this matter would be greatly appreciated!