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hu yuany
Username: hyy
Posted: Mon 7 Mar, 2011 8:39 AM
2812 days ago
Location: China

As you known that I'm troubled in simulating a Circuit, which is just a typical teaching circuit with the main element. You can have a look on my attachment. What I want to do is to connect these elements one by one using lines. However, the process of connecting must be flexible, which means which two elements of them to be connected are decided by the operators and not the same all the time. Of course, it must follow the physical law. Therefore, we don't know how many lines we need. (I'm wondering how we can increase the number of lines dynamically.) Usually, we connect one element with one end of a line and then another element with another end of the line, and so on. Can you do me a favor on how to simulate the process of connecting lines and how to increase the number of lines dynamically?