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RE: Moving the PIVOT using Frame Pivot Nodetop^
Username: ITE
Posted: Tue 22 Mar, 2011 2:00 AM
2792 days ago
Location: Singapore

Hi to all,

 I think most of you know that EON is in the progress of replacing DOF node with Frame Pivot node. I have tried that Frame Pivot node, and Personally feel that DOF node is still BETTER because I can manually move the pivot(or axis) using DOFMover Protype

 Can anyone tell me how can I move the Pivot of the Frame if I use FramePivot node?

 If the Pivot cannot be moved , and the only way to manipulate the Pivot is to use the Compensate feature then I should say DOF node is still better because I can see the pivot moving

Thank you



RE: Moving the PIVOT using Frame Pivot Nodetop^
yefeng feng
Username: dmueonuser
Posted: Fri 2 Sep, 2011 9:55 AM
2628 days ago
Location: China


RE: Moving the PIVOT using Frame Pivot Nodetop^
Lloyd Churches
Username: eonman
Posted: Thu 13 Oct, 2011 1:54 AM
2587 days ago
Location: Australia

 Hi Philip,

 True, at this stage it is easier to move the pivot because we have a DOFMoverProtoytpe. There is no PivotMover prototype yet and that is what would be needed.

However, its not too hard to create this functionality.

1. Insert a FramePivot node under the frame of the object you want to rotate.

2. Insert a Frame node under that frame too and name it PivotPos.

3. Insert a 3DPointer prototype under the PivotPos node. You may need to scale it later to see it.

4. Insert a KeyMove prototype under the PivotPos node.

5. Create a route between the PivotPos.Position to FramePivot.RotatePosition.

6. Save, then Run the simulation.

7. If you can see the 3DPointer, use KeyMove (hold down X, Y or Z and press up/down arrow keys) to move the 3DPointer that represents the pivot point. When you think it is in the right position, set start values for the PivotPos frame.

8. Stop the simulation and move the KeyMove to the Object frame (same parent frame of FramePivot).

9. Save, then run the simulation again.

10. Use KeyMove (H and up/down arrow keys) to rotate the object to confirm the object is rotating around the correct pivot position.