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RE: Prototype for Reading Excel Filestop^
Sunil Naidu
Username: sunil.naidu
Posted: Mon 18 Jul, 2011 6:39 PM
2674 days ago
Location: United States
Is their a prototype for reading excel files?  I would like to pull the information into a keyframe node.  Thanks!
RE: Prototype for Reading Excel Filestop^
Lloyd Churches
Username: eonman
Posted: Tue 19 Jul, 2011 2:22 AM
2673 days ago
Location: Australia

No, there's no prototype I know for doing that.

If you'd like to create one then look closely at the Scripting in EON documentation, there's something about getting data from a database and I'm pretty sure Excel can be a database. If not then using an ActiveX Control would be another way to get the data.

As far as putting data into a keyframe node, check the keyframe documentation but most helpful maybe to look at the internal script of the RecordPath prototype.