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Sandra Bergmeir
Username: ladystyx
Posted: Tue 9 Dec, 2014 9:13 PM
1438 days ago
Location: United States
Demo users
To familiarize myself with EON Studio, I started with the Quickstart tutorial. I have to say though, there are a few things that have changed but haven't been updated in the tutorial. I am running into problems now and hope someone can help me out. If there is a more current tutorial, I'd be happy to try that... But for now, here are my questions:

All in the chapter "Creating Interactivity":

1.  "Object Navigation" Step 1: "Select the Prototype tab in the upper left corner of the Component window and drag the ObjectNavLITE Prototype to Scene in the Simulation tree"

There is no such thing as a "ObjectNavLITE" available. Searching the help I eventually found a link to the "ObjectNav prototype" which then pointed me to the "OrbitNav" prototype. Which I can actually find. Is that the one I am supposed to use for this tutorial? One of the next steps in this section is to delete the "Walk node", doing so and using the "OrbitNav" results in no navigation whatsoever... I re-added the walk node and have some sort of navigation in the simulation now. (Not the way the tutorial says though...)

2. "Apply a lightmap to the phone screen" 
This does not seem to change anything, tried it multiple times following the exact steps in the tutorial... (Not super important to me at this point though...)

3. "Change the color of the antenna" Step 1: "Add a TextBoxButton Prototype to the Camera"
I cannot find a "TextBoxButton", all buttons it displays are "BPButton" and "ToggleButton". Neither one works with the simulation described in this part of the tutorial. Can you please point me towards the correct button (or other prototype) to use?

4. Is there an "undo"-function? This seems to be a very straight forward functionality in any software nowadays but I can't seem to find it...

I am really eager to learn and evaluate EON Studio but I am really stuck right here... Any help or additional tutorials (maybe videos?) are very welcome!
I am also trying to connect an Oculus Rift, so any tutorials on that are also appreciated.